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Vixen Darkfairy
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August 5th, 2013

Carpool to DragonCon?

Is anyone driving to DragonCon from the greater Fort Myers area? Or from further south and passing THROUGH this area? A friend wants me to come to con, but I have no $ for airfare -- especially after the car repairs that will be done tomorrow. If you'd have room for myself, a large suitcase (I costume!), and my walker, please message me. I don't need hotel space; I'd be in the Marriott with my friend for the weekend. This just came up today; I wasn't planning to go, due to lack of fundage, but if it really is possible to go, it would sure make up for the lousey year I've had so far!

September 20th, 2011

Need a place to live in FL!

Starting to panic. I've still got no place to live as of Nov. 1st. I'm on Housing Authority waiting lists, but they won't have any vacancies in time, and my limitations as a disabled person are not helping. I've got a couch offer in a 2nd-story apt -- which I obviously can't get to with a walker -- and another couch offer in a place with no heat for the winter that I also may or not be able to get into physically.

I'll take anywhere in FL, really! And I have guaranteed income! The Social Security Administration says I won't even be called in for a medical check-up til 2013, so my Disability paychecks will continue uninterrupted. That makes me a safe bet, because I can't get laid off in this economy. I don't do drugs, and I don't have any pets to worry about. I need internet access to deal with my government benefits, but I have my own PC, so I just need the DSL. I'm a respectful roommate. Therefore, if you have an extra room in FL with 1st-floor or elevator access, and would like some extra cash this winter, please email me ASAP: VixenDarkfairy@gmail.com .

August 23rd, 2011


August 21st, 2011

Need cell #s for DragonCon.

Heya to all my buds,

If you wanna hang out with me at DragonCon, send me an LJ mail with your cell # and I'll send you mine, which you can text if the signal is as bad as usual in the hotels. My phone can get texts even if it has just a single bar, while for calls I need at least 4.


May 16th, 2011

Destination: Tampa

Spent the last week thinking & researching... I've decided to move back to Tampa. I need more nightlife, and I need to finish my degree. It's going to take some time to save up to go, and to deal with my gov't loans, but a year from now I'm kissing this lame town goodbye.

April 2nd, 2011

Went to see Sucker Punch. Cool film. Kinda a live-action anime.

March 1st, 2011

It's official!

Thanks to some very awesome con-folk, including Tom, I was able to buy a ticket to DragonCon. So that makes it official: I'm going! It looks like I'll need to get myself up to Orlando, then carpool to Atlanta. I still don't have crash space, but I'm working on saving for a room contribution, if needed. Anyone on here need a roomie?

February 15th, 2011

Over the sickness.

I feel better today. Yesterday, I'd planned to go to the doc, but I felt like maybe the congestion was breaking up, and I really did not want to spend Valentine's Day at the doctor's. V-day was my Anniversary with Ted, and it was the first time in a dozen years that I'd be spending it single, So, my roomies invited me to a movie, and I did that instead. Laughter really IS the best medicine, because today I am 90% over the nasty upper respiratory virus. And that means I can put that $15 into the DragonCon fund. :D

February 10th, 2011

DragonCon carpool? Room?

So I am literally flat broke, but if I save a bit now & next month , then I can squeeze out enough for a DragonCon ticket. Then, I think I can save maybe $80 before con. That doesn't get me there & back. Flights are $273 round-trip, and bus is 17hrs for $164. :( If I drive up to Tampa to fly, it's still $241 plus parking. So... Anyone driving up from southwest FL? Or near enough that maybe I could drive to ya? And then, does anyone have crash space? That's a lot to ask, so I'll understand if nobody answers. Realistically, I should wait til next year, but I've just had a really shitty year with becoming disabled and going through divorce. Disability doesn't pay much. I kinda need a DragonCon.

January 14th, 2011

I'm often asked where to get boning, hoop wire, and millinery wire for corsets, farthingales, and hats respectively. Here are a few links:





That last one is also a good source for SCA Period costuming patterns.

Plastic tubing from Home Depot also works for a lightweight alternative to hoop steel, and more closely approximates the look of the round reeds used in Spain. DO use heat to relax the coils before putting them in your hoopskirt. Lay the cut length out straight acrossed the floor and weigh it down with books, then hit it with a hairdryer. OR, let it warm in the sun by weighing it down in your driveway or near sunny sliding glass doors.
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